Jamila Javanshir

business development I optimiZation I transformation I growth

I am a Commercial Strategist with complementary experience in Research, Business Development, International Business,
Marketing, Sales, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships,
Project Management, Pursuits and Bid Management.

I worked in six countries across Europe, Asia and Australia and have over 20 years of experience while working
in multinational corporations, not-for-profits and industry associations.

I collaborated with large corporate businesses, Governments, research and academia, small and medium enterprises and start-ups.


  • Scoping a new business idea and exploring growth opportunities for your business?

  • Evaluating your current value proposition and exploring opportunities to stay ahead of the competition?

  • Lacking an immediate expert resource to establish, review or transform your marketing and sales structures and processes?

  • Going through a transformation process and need an expert who can advise and implement solutions?

why work with me?

  • Tangible experience in a variety of similar projects

  • Broad area of expertise and global outlook

  • Passion for innovation and strategic pursuits

  • Entrepreneurial approach to problem solving

  • Ability to enforce strategic partnerships

  • Ease of collaboration and communication

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